Resources, planning & scheduling management

100% web cloud solution to manage planning & scheduling of your human, material and space resources. The solution integrates any complex constraint in order to automatically generate the optimal schedule on the spot.

Suitable for educational institutions, as well as any activity involving problematic scheduling organizations and resource allocation. finds the optimal combination to satisfy the maximum number of constraints.

Human resources who organize their schedules

Constraints management

Quick and easy modification. Any unforeseen change can be applied and, on the spot, SmartPlan computes a new planning. The system has many constraints available, including:

  • Subjects management
  • Schedules of subjects by group
  • Rest time
  • Staff availability
  • No overlapping
  • Min & max hours day/week per staff, subject, group
  • Min & max between start and end over a day
  • Room and building availability
  • Min travel time between buildings
  • Min & max people per group

Administrator that captures its resources and constraints on his laptop

People who consult their schedules on a smartphone

100% cloud-based consultation of schedules


  • Cloud based
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Views by employees, groups, rooms on dedicated interfaces
  • Export schedules
  • Sharing by email
  • Direct printing

Simple & effective

Designed to get started in a few minutes

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staff (teachers), students and parents

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Employees’ setup, constraints and management

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Cloud based on secure and compliant datacenter.

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Ultra fast

Developed with the latest technologies

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Comprehensive help

Contextual, email and phone assistance

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Up-to-date solution

No installation and automatic update

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